Warbler Guy, which web site is good for seeing warbler photos and learning warbler songs? Which web site will help me improve my birding by ear for warblers? Will my song identification of warblers get better with your recommendations?

Sally (in Tucson)….

It’s amazing how fantastic the web site AllAboutBirds.org is the answer to all your (excellent) questions.

Simply type in the name of the warbler you think is the one you detected.

Result, you’ll see photos of it and corresponding vocalizations (both songs and calls).

Even if your ID is wrong, the “look-alike,” similar appearing warbler species will be shown at every choice you make when trying to ID a warbler that causes both enjoyment and puzzlement, in terms of knowing its common name identity.

Does this answer your questions, Sally?

Please feel free to visit my web site — WarblerWatch.com — where other information about N. American warblers and the myriad other USA birds are highlighted.

Regards, Daniel Edelstein

WarblerWatch.com (features wood-warbler info. & other birding information for N. CA & the USA)

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