Wood-Warblers on the West Coast and in California

Presented by:
Daniel Edelstein, M.S.
12 Kingfisher Court, Novato, CA 94949 USA
415-382-1827 (voice and fax)


  • Which West Coast and California bird species are some of the most challenging to identify in the field (and how many nest on the West Coast & in CA)?
  • Which West Coast/CA bird songs are some of the most satisfying to learn by ear in the field?
  • Which bird family members on the West Coast and in California dazzle our senses with their elegant array of colors?
  • Which arriving birds on the West Coast and in California are often considered the most cherished harbingers and symbols of spring?
  • And, last but certainly NOT least: Which West Coast/CA birds are worth taking a moment to hear as their songs fill our hearts with joyful feelings? — and we respond aloud: “beautiful!”

“Wood-warblers” may be your answer to all of these questions – with this one-hour slide show spotlighting our colorful songsters whose presence adds a dynamic challenge and flair to birders’ lives.

In crafting his program to highlight the wood-warblers on the West Coast and in California, Daniel utilizes his 30+ years of watching wood-warblers throughout the USA to discuss both common and rare wood-warblers.  In so doing, note that both beginning and advanced birding audiences have enjoyed Daniel’s slide show programs in 20+ USA states.

Portions of this show feature images of wood-warblers and their corresponding songs,  complemented with color-coded range maps that where each species nests and spends the non-breeding season.

In addition, audiences learn about the lives of wood-warblers – and, in turn, current long-term bird monitoring programs for wood-warblers and other neotropical migrant species, including the Breeding Bird Survey, Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship banding program, and the Christmas Bird Count.

Handouts for this program are provided for you to duplicate — including a five-page packet that features a “Warbler Identification Tips Chart” and information about neotropical/wood-warbler monitoring programs in the field for which attendants may wish to volunteer.

Note the format of this slide show may extend to a longer presentation and/or a birding outing on the ensuing day (after the slide show).  Daniel also teaches day-long and weekend classes/workshops on this topic, if you wish to provide your attendants with both “indoor” and “outdoor” experiences related to wood-warblers.

In extended programs/classes/workshops, participants may: 1) view videos/DVDs; 2) watch additional slides; 3) receive informational handouts/bibliographies/resources and discuss them as complements to slides/videos/DVDs; 4) analyze sonograms of West Coast/CA songbirds/wood-warblers and learn how to “read” them and make their own based on the songs they hear in the field; 5) identify birds and record their songs in the field, and, afterward, analyze them as when they are converted into sonograms.

In sum, day-long/weekend classes in the field focus on distinguishing West Coast/CA wood-warblers by their characteristic field mark differences, but special emphasis is reserved for learning the unique song pattern each wood-warbler expresses.  Toward this goal, I focus both indoor activities and outdoor trail time on specific techniques that attendants may wish to employ.  Handouts pinpointed toward improving students’ birding by ear ability are central to Daniel’s teaching style.

Contact Daniel to plan the style and format of the wood-warbler slide show and/or class you desire.

Biography of Daniel Edelstein:
Birder, Naturalist, Biologist, and published Science Writer for the last 30 years, Daniel works as a Contract Biologist for environmental consulting firms.  He also teaches in the Oakland, CA-based Merritt College’s Biology Department (www.merritt.edu) as an Adjunct Faculty member. First published in 1981 and the author of two books, his articles have appeared in science books, magazines, newspapers, science Web sites – and, in addition, Daniel maintains a popular Web site warblerwatch.com) and Blog site titled “Warbler Watch” warblerwatch.blogspot.com).

To see Daniel’s resume, click here.

For more information and/or to obtain references, please contact Daniel at 415-382-1827 or write him at danieledelstein at att dot net.

What are people saying
about Daniel & his programs?
(that he has presented in more than 20 USA states)

“Daniel hears (and identifies) birds that I can’t even see!”
Ron Felzer, Emeritus Instructor in Biology, Forestry and Environmental Studies, Merritt College, Oakland, California

“Daniel’s enthusiasm for warblers is truly infectious.  His Web site and blog are valuable resources for warbler-watchers everywhere.”
Ken Burton, North American Banding Council Education Chairman

 “I thoroughly enjoyed Daniel Edelstein’s birding class and greatly improved my ability to bird by ear!  We definitely plan to have him back to teach again.”
Gary Knoblock, former Executive Director of the Point Reyes Field Seminars adult school, Point Reyes Station, CA

“Daniel has excellent ears and he expertly knows his birds’ songs and calls — and his teaching experience helps others learn the birds that they hear.”
– The venerable and late Paul G. DuMont, bird tour leader for more than 30 years

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the State Parks interpretive naturalists.  Your expertise was impressive and your presentation was enjoyable and filled with information.  I am sure the State Park staff will share this knowledge in public programs.”
Estelle Ruppert, Program Specialist, Bureau of State Parks, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources