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Hooded WarblerAt warblerwatch.com, you can click on my resume to read about my environmental consulting experience as a long-time Certified Wildlife Biologist Asc. and learn that my clients include landowners, environmental consulting firms, tree companies, engineering firms, law firms, planning departments, sanitary districts, cannabis growers, vineyard owners, and neighborhood groups — all of which hire me as a freelance consultant to assist with a) field surveys; b) pre-construction surveys; c) pre- tree removal surveys; and d) regulatory/permitting services related to local, state, and federal regulatory measures. Post survey, my followup regulatory compliance reports {e.g., biological assessment reports, initial study reports, “biological resources” chapters for Environmental Impact Reports (EIR)} are submitted to owners, stakeholders, local planning departments, and state and federal government agencies (e.g., US Fish & Wildlife Service, California Department of Fish & Wildlife, US Army Corps of Engineers, Regional Water Quality Control Board, among others).                                                                            

For example, a typical bird survey I conduct occurs to ensure a client complies with applicable local, state, and federal regulatory codes, regulations, and/or law(s) related to the protection of nesting rare and common bird species, such as Ridgway’s Rail (for which I possess a federal survey permit, along with others for California Tiger Salamander and California Red-legged Frog).

My birding experience and bird guiding tours for the last 25 years include San Francisco Bay Area birding tours and California bird watching tours as a California birding guide, San Francisco birding guide and Marin County birding guide.

Thus: perhaps you’d like to visit the best, Prime Time birding hotspots? If so, here are two of the finest options in the San Francisco Bay Area: 1) Sonoma County, where I regularly lead Sonoma County birding tours to see Bodega Bay birdsand 2) Point Reyes National Seashore where more than 490 bird species have been detected, including dozens of vagrant species at Prime Time birding hotspots that I’d be pleased to share with you on a birding outing.

Daniel Edelstein

My warblerwatch.com web site also features a link to my blog in relation to college-level birding classes I have taught since 2003 as an Adjunct Faculty member at Merritt College (Oakland, CA) for my recently-completed “Fundamentals Of Ornithology And Birding In Central CA.”

In 2020, I’ll again offer “Bird Song Ecology & Identifying Birds by Ear” as a combined classroom and all-day field trip class. Please feel free to watch for it at my Merritt College blog.

In addition, please click on my web site’s Birding Links section where a “pull down” menu list my “Nature Watch Phenology Calendar” of terrestrial and sky events, several of which appear for each month corresponding to natural phenomena specific to central and northern California.

Click here if you wish to hear me discuss “birding by ear” in a recent brief interview on the Earth News Journal.

Below, a photo of me is at the 2019 American Ornithological Society annual conference where I delivered two research presentations, one of which highlighted the successful results of my Canada Goose addling actions for the last seven years that have helped reduce an overpopulation of this non-native, invasive species. 

*****CAGO DE

Click here to link to my report that I produced for the Sonoma Land Trust, based on my three years (2016-2019) of coordinating avian point count surveys at the Sears Point Restoration Area in the North Bay of San Francisco Bay.

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{* = I possess a federal 10(a)(1)(A) permit to conduct field surveys for state of California and federal rare, listed species: Ridgway’s Rail (formerly California Clapper Rail), California Tiger Salamander, and California Red-legged Frog.}