The Miracle of Migration: The Amazing Nomadic Lives of Birds & Animals

Presented by:
Daniel Edelstein, M.S.
12 Kingfisher Court, Novato, CA 94949 USA
415-382-1827 (voice and fax)


  • Why do birds and other animals migrate? Which birds migrate at night & which by day?
  • Did you know some species travel 700 miles per day during migration?
  • Or that the Arctic Tern migrates as many as 22,000 miles each year (and to the moon and back over the span of its lifetime)?
  • And that other animals besides birds migrate thousands of miles each year?

Explorations of these phenomena & many others highlight this evocative and beautiful one-hour slide show that features photographs, sounds, and range maps (of birds’/animals’ breeding and non-breeding areas).

Current techniques relating to the “why’s” and “how’s” of migration study are highlighted (e.g., field observation, birdbanding, radio telemetry; moon watching; sonar/radar tracking; trapping; aural recording), among other featured topics that provide an overview of the latest “news” and information relating to the always-evolving study of migration.

Informational handouts are sent to all groups that invite me to present this program. Handouts include information about 1) animals that migrate in your area; 2) a bibliography centered on resources related to animal migration; and 3) a USA map showing the best hotspots to see birds/animals during migration.

In addition to birds, the phenomenal migrational talents of monarchs, bats, whales, and caribou are discussed (with complementary slides appearing and sounds/vocalizations heard by attendants).

The slides containing range maps show the extraordinary routes these lifeforms travel during migration and where they live during the breeding and non-breeding seasons.

Note the format of this slide show may extend to a longer presentation and/or a birding outing on the ensuing day (after the slide show) may be added.  Daniel also teaches day-long and weekend classes/workshops on this topic, if you wish to provide your attendants with both “indoor” and “outdoor” experiences related to migration.

In extended programs/classes/workshops, participants may: 1) view videos/DVDs; 2) watch additional slides; 3) receive informational handouts/bibliographies/resources and discuss them as complements to slides/videos/DVDs; 4) learn about local insects, mammals (including bats), and other animals that migrate, in addition to viewing them during outdoor forays.

In sum, day-long/weekend classes combine hands-on classroom instruction along with field trips to see examples migrating animals. Handouts pinpointed toward improving students’ knowledge of migration and which animals migrate are the focus of this topic.

Contact Daniel to plan the style and format of the wood-warbler slide show and/or class you desire.

Biography of Daniel Edelstein:
Birder, Naturalist, Biologist, and published Science Writer for the last 30 years, Daniel works as a Contract Biologist for environmental consulting firms.  He also teaches in the Oakland, CA-based Merritt College’s Biology Department ( as an Adjunct Faculty member. First published in 1981 and the author of two books, his articles have appeared in science books, magazines, newspapers, science Web sites – and, in addition, Daniel maintains a popular Web site ( and Blog site titled “Warbler Watch” (

To read Daniel’s resume, click here.  

For more information and/or to obtain references, please contact Daniel at 415-382-1827 or write him at

What are people saying
about Daniel & his programs?
(that he has presented in more than 20 USA states)

“Daniel hears (and identifies) birds that I can’t even see!”
Ron Felzer, Emeritus Instructor in Biology, Forestry and Environmental Studies, Merritt College, Oakland, California

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the State Parks interpretive naturalists.  Your expertise was impressive and your presentation was enjoyable and filled with information.  I am sure the State Park staff will share this knowledge in public programs.”
Estelle Ruppert, Program Specialist, Bureau of State Parks, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Other references/testimonial quotes are available from previous attendants who have witnessed Daniel’s “migration” program and class.