Warbler Guy, my California bird tour means I’m looking for rare birds in California. Where do I find rare California birds on a listserv?

Hi Jeremiah….and your query is a periodic question I receive, so I’m glad to help, below.

Here’s the answer to your question, above: I suggest your first move is to check:

….as this site a composite list featuring all the listserv sites in California where birders add their bird sightings.

At sialia.com, you’ll see a left column by which you can one-by-one click on a chosen region of California….Upon doing so for one region, you’ll see a list of the latest bird sightings lists posted by birders.

As for common annual and upcoming migration, I am pleased to note that I 
currently have begun to hear the courtship “peek” sound from male Anna’s Hummingbirds (and, actually, since October, 2022). 

During this process, males descend during their courtship dance, air rushing through their tail feathers at the bottom of their elevator drop initiates the “peek” sound.

By December annually, eggs are added to nests in the SF Bay Area, with Great Horned Owl joining the maternity ward by January annually as females incubate eggs or hatch them.

Interestingly, also, the earliest returning Allen’s Hummingbirds may begin returning by next and beyond through February and March to SF Bay Area coastal breeding locations. I expect the initial report of a returning Allen’s Hummingbird to appear at sialia.com by 1/15/23 or soon after.

Other questions? Glad to help: danieledelstein@att.net

Please feel free to see the “Birding Tours” and “Birding Links sections.

Regards, Daniel

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