Certified Wildlife Biologist (associate) Daniel Edelstein and his birding guide services are highlighted below (and at GuidedBirdwatching.com)

Prothonotary Warbler 2 Moratoc Park (Williamston) 6-2-12As a freelance Consulting Biologist  (who is also a Certified Wildlife Biologist Associate) and based in Marin County (San Francisco Bay Area), Daniel Edelstein works full-time in the environmental consulting field. Possessing survey permits for Ridgway’s Rail (formerly CA Clapper Rail), California Red-leggd Frog, and California Tiger Salamander, his role as a staff and Consulting Biologist since 1998 is a niche by which he conducts field surveys for common and special-status bird, mammal, amphibian, and reptile species, in addition to plant species.


He also specializes in songbird and raptor nest search and monitoring surveys, including recent and current bird survey and bird monitoring projects in Lake County (CA) along Walker Ridge Road, in Mendocino County (CA) for the Willits Bypass Project, and ongoing Moffit’s Canada Goose nest finding (resulting in goose egg addling to reduce overpopulation of this species).


Follow-up compliance reports and wildlife/plant management plans are submitted to public agencies, planning departments, consulting firms, and landowners/stakeholders. His wildlife survey background features bird point counts, nest searching, and nest monitoring (especially at proposed wind power sites and other energy pipeline routes), in addition to mammal trapping, tracking, tape playback (owl species such as Northern Spotted Owl), pit-fall/drift fence surveys (California Tiger Salamander), and dip-netting/seining (fairy shrimp surveys). 

Addressing Moffitt’s Canada Goose overpopulation problems for agencies (often sanitary districts) is another niche Daniel performs, whereby an Integrated Goose Management plan and other short- and long-term management techniques are implemented — including: a) habitat alteration (Daniel designs and implements a native species planting plan, for example); b) barricade additions (e.g., boulders/fences); and c) non-lethal goose overpopulation control actions, including egg addling (after he secures a federal permit).

Concurrently, Daniel (a professional birding guide since 1986) leads San Francisco birding tours and northern California birding tours (including Marin County birding tours and Sonoma County birding tours), in addition to other California bird watching trips. He has presented his adult birding classes, bird slide shows and birding by ear and raptor identification field training workshops in more than 20 states. To hear a 2014 Earth News Journal interview with him where he highlights birding trip options in the SF Bay Area, please visit the following link: 


As a northern California birding guide and community college birding instructor Daniel teaches periodic diverse college-level bird classes (at Merritt College where he is an Adjunct Faculty member in its Biology Dept.): Fundamentals of Ornithology; Bird Song Ecology/Birding By Ear; Raptors; Wood-Warblers on the West Coast (& Midwest/East Coast); and The Miracle of Migration: The Amazing Nomadic Lives of Birds & Other Animals. (Click on the following two green text phrases to print his Top Ten Tips For Improving Your Bird By Ear handout and other Northern California bird migration arrival information.) (His student birdwatchers visit diverse San Francisco Bay Area birding hotspots in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, and Marin County cities. See below.)

MacGillivrays Warbler Known for his 30+ years of watching and studying wood-warblers (Parulidae family), Daniel’s popular Warbler Watch blog and warbler tips ID chart offer fast relief for birders seeking warbler identification help (including solutions for identifying confusing fall warblers). Recurring seasonal land and sky events (i.e., phenology) are highlighted at Daniel’s homemade Nature Watch Calendar that includes monthly planet-rising times, meteor shower dates, and annual eclipses.

In addition to San Francisco birding places that attract rare San Francisco birds, destinations for Daniel’s birding trips include Point Reyes National Seashore (and its Point Reyes Lighthouse area) and many other prime-time California birding spots such as Bodega Bay, Bodega Head, Doran Park, Muir Woods, Bolinas Lagoon, Tomales Bay State Park, Las Gallinas Wildlife Ponds, Elkhorn Slough, Golden Gate Park, Yuba Pass, Sierra Valley, Hawk Hill, Mines Road, Del Puerto Canyon, Mount Diablo, Lake Merritt, Lake Merced, and Palo Alto Baylands.

Black-throated Gray WarblerUncommon to rare species that he helps birders find include Northern Spotted Owl, California Black Rail, California Clapper Rail, Yellow Rail, Marbled Murrelet, Western Snowy Plover, and California Condor, in addition to area specialties such as Swainson’s Hawk, Northern Pygmy Owl, Northern Saw-whet Owl,  Hermit Warbler, Yellow-Breasted Chat, Nuttall’s Woodpecker, Brown Pelican, Brant, Cassin’s Vireo, Rock Wren, Lawrence’s Goldfinch, Tricolored Blackbird, Lewis’ Woodpecker, California Thrasher, Sooty Grouse, and Bank Swallow.

Feel free to click on the following green text phrases (in this paragraph) to visit his popular seven-year-old Warbler blog (that includes warbler articles and a regularly-updated warbler photo quiz) and his Daniel’s Merritt College Classes blog. The latter blog features his adult birding classes.

Please contact Daniel at:


415-382-1827 (PST)



A Few Of Daniel’s Other Recent & Ongoing Projects: 1) Conduct focused wildlife/bird surveys as a permitted biologist for Ridgway’s Rail (formerly CA Clapper Rail), California Red-leggd Frog, and California Tiger Salamander. (For example, my focused surveys for Ridgeway’s Rail occur annually from January 15 through April 15.) 2) Research, write, and submit compliance reports (e.g., Biological Assessment, Initial Study, EIR biological resources chapter, habitat restoration plan, etc.) as a Consulting Biologist on behalf of clients such as environmental consulting firms, sanitary/water districts, vineyards, landowners, and other stakeholders. 3) Serve as birding guide for one-day or multiple day birding trips in San Francisco Bay and other California locations for individuals and groups that contact me: danieledelstein@att.net (click on the Birding Tours tab, above). 4) Teach periodic bird-related classes to adult students at Merritt College in Oakland, CA. 5) Conduct pre-construction bird surveys and nest search surveys to help safeguard nesting songbird and raptor species.

Birding Guide (summary) — As a birding guide in the San Francisco Bay Area, a birding guide in Marin County, and a birding guide in Sonoma County, I also lead birding trips to other California destinations, including the Sierra (Madre) Mountains (e.g., Yuba Pass area) and many other places.